"Since attending the many training programs that Entrepreneurs International provides, my life has been impacted in countless ways. My personal relationships improved tremendously, I shattered my professional sales goals, and I learned how to negotiate like a BOSS! I eventually became a top earner in my company and I'm CERTAIN that the live trainings, as well as audio and video programs, were the building blocks of my confidence and business knowledge, which eventually led to my success. Gregg Amerman is an incredible motivator and has a powerful way of instilling in you what it takes to succeed! I believe that if you take advantage of all that EI offers, it will absolutely launch you into your next level of 'best'!"

Jessica Cristobal Founder, Leading Ladies League, Former Magazine Publisher, Miss Florida World 1994

"When I met Gregg Amerman, it happened to be one of the lowest points in my life. I had recently gotten divorced and lost my job, along with everything else in the recession. I didn't know how I was going to pay for gas to get back home to Charlotte, but I knew I wanted to be part of Entrepreneurs International!  Through the diverse trainings of EI Academy and mentorship of Mr. Amerman, I gained the confidence and knowledge to slowly rebuild my life and start a new career in residential real estate. Today, I am proud to say that I am consistently a top producer in my industry, have raised 2 amazing sons as a single mother and, with the skills I have learned, my future is brighter than ever!"

Heidi Sloan Charlotte, NC
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