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You and your team will learn:

  • How to live as a speaker
  • A personalized assessment of your speaking ability, skills and talent level
  • Critiquing and coaching on your speaking and presentation skills
  • A complete set of your audio and video presentations you make throughout Stage Presence
  • Teaching you to be prepared with a broad base of knowledge and speaking topics
  • How to think on your feet and be an effective impromptu communicator
  • How to tell stories of your experiences, create analogies and use humor in your presentations
  • How to develop exercises and interactive programs for your audiences
  • Numerous practice sessions and speaking opportunities
  • Skill-building exercises
  • How to make money as a speaker
  • And much more…

Do you want to speak, teach, lead, train and motivate from the stage? Do you want to be a captivating speaker and presenter with small or large audiences and even in one-on-one situations? Do you want to learn how to conduct trainings, seminars and workshops? Or, do you just want to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a better public communicator and presenter?

Whether you’re just getting started in a career as a speaker or are a seasoned veteran, or whether you just want to be a more confident speaker and presenter to enhance your career, business and life, this four-day program will give you the mindset, skill and experience you’ll need to have the advantage you’ve been looking for.

The final day of the program will allow you to put your new-found knowledge and experience into action. Each speaker will be teamed with several other speakers and will have the task of creating, outlining, formulating and conducting a seminar in front of a live audience. The audience, along with other judges, will be assessing the speakers and will ultimately choose the most powerful speaker. Finally, one individual will be selected “champion speaker” for this event and will be invited back for the chance to compete in the Ring of Champions Speak-Off, where all the champion speakers chosen from each Stage Presence will battle in front of a live audience with one ultimate champion being chosen. The final champion will be awarded cash, prizes and potentially life-changing career opportunities.

Because of the time allotted for each speaker, as well as the intense nature of this program, and to be able to provide the personal attention required, this program is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

"My name is Gregg Amerman and I’ve been speaking, training, teaching, motivating, coaching and mentoring for close to 20 years and have generated millions of dollars in revenue along the way. This exciting career has enabled me to communicate with people one-on-one as well as with audiences of tens of thousands, providing clear and simple techniques and strategies while entertaining, inspiring and motivating. And all of this has proven to produce phenomenal results!

Now I’m teaching others how to take the steps to be a polished, professional speaker or just to become a better presenter! Today, so many people are seeking knowledge, skills, answers, direction, guidance, support, opportunity and, at the same time, looking for a leader to follow. The demand for professional coaches, mentors, trainers and speakers is at an all-time high. In addition, being an effective public communicator and presenter can enhance your career and make you a more valuable asset to any company or organization.

I will be personally evaluating, critiquing, coaching, teaching and training you on what it takes and how to do it. So, if you’re ready to step up to the challenge to be a powerful speaker or just someone who wants to break through the barrier of the fear of public speaking, then this program is an absolute must!"

“I’ve been a professional speaker and a best-selling author for many years and I can honestly say that Gregg Amerman is one of the most talented speakers and teachers on the planet! I had him as the lead speaker at my Speakers Training Summit and the attendees were blown away; they loved him! I also know that his Speakers Boot Camp produces results, and his students leave with an experience they can’t get anywhere else! If you’re looking to be a great speaker, learning from one of the best helps you to be the best!"                  ~ Les Brown

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