• Gregg Amerman
    Gregg Amerman
    Gregg Amerman began his quest for a better way of life and financial freedom in his mid-twenties and achieved overwhelming success by his early thirties. He attributes his achievements to the tremendous personal growth he experienced while being tutored and coached by some of the most respected and successful individuals in business and personal success.
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  • Joe Locke
    Joe Locke
    Growing up in Salisbury, MA, Joe Locke’s parents stressed the importance of education and had high hopes that he would follow in his father's footsteps of attending Boston College. However, that plan changed because Joe felt there was something much bigger out there for him. So, he decided to move across the country to Southern California, ready and eager to find opportunity.
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  • Frenita Amerman
    Frenita Amerman
    Frenita had big dreams when she was growing up and after graduating from high school, Frenita left Arkansas for Stephens College in Missouri to pursue her dream of being in the performing arts. However, her passion for wanting to perform on a larger stage overpowered her desire to complete her stay in college, so she moved to Hollywood, California, to become a movie star.
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  • Jill Halbreich
    Jill Halbreich
    Jill always knew that she wanted to have a career that would combine her creativity with her love of people. After college, Jill moved to Los Angeles, where she began working as a fashion stylist for feature films and television, rapidly developing a celebrity clientele. However glamorous it appeared on the outside, this career field proved to be unstable and not as fulfilling as she had dreamed.
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  • Orlando McKenzie
    Orlando McKenzie
    Orlando's parents wanted to give him the best chance for success so they relocated from Panama to the United States. He was told, "You were not brought to the U.S. to be average. If you outwork everyone else, you'll out-earn everyone else". With that in mind, Orlando decided to pursue a career in the banking industry, but it wasn't exactly what he expected.
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  • MIke Miller
    MIke Miller
    Mike was born in Jamaica where he attended college and started a very successful car rental and tour business. Unfortunately, a major hurricane hit the island and he was forced to move his family to the United States for a fresh start.
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  • Darrel Gentry
    Darrel Gentry
    Darrel started his career at the bottom of a well-known men's retail store. Through hard work and determination over a 16-year period, he produced over $200 million in revenue, but felt unappreciated, underpaid and frustrated. He knew there had to be a better way.
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  • Warren Bauerfeld
    Warren Bauerfeld
    For as long as he can remember, Warren had an unwavering drive to always be in control of his future and his finances by creating a business that not only provided a substantial income, but also provided freedom of time.
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