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Darrel Gentry

As a young adult, Darrel Gentry, like many young people, made some unwise choices creating challenges for himself. Through that process, Darrel learned some very valuable lessons that motivated him to change his life. He began a career starting at the bottom of a well-known national men’s retailer and ultimately climbed the company ladder to that of a store manager. Although he produced over 200 million dollars in revenue over a 16-year period, Darrel felt unappreciated, underpaid and frustrated. He was open and ready for a change and that’s when he was exposed to the possibilities of being an Entrepreneur and pursuing an opportunity in the direct selling industry. In addition, he was introduced to the trainings and teachings of Gregg & Frenita Amerman and Joe Locke, and those experiences led him to building a very successful nationwide organization and business. Eventually he became a top earner, which allowed him to walk away from his corporate job and become a fulltime Entrepreneur. Today Darrel loves his new role as an Entrepreneurs International Trainer and his humble, down-to-earth style enables him to effectively relate to all of the Entrepreneurs he is training. Darrel appreciates this opportunity and is very passionate about helping as many people as possible reach their personal and financial goals. Darrel and Mary have been married for 17 years and live in San Antonio, Texas with their 3 teenage boys. The Gentry family participates in a variety of sporting activities and enjoy traveling and vacationing.

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