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Frenita Amerman

The majority of people have big dreams growing up and Frenita Amerman was no exception. Frenita left Arkansas to pursue her dreams of being a movie star in Hollywood, CA. After catching a break early in her career and appearing in several movies and music videos, her dream was cut short when she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her thyroid at the age of 20. After undergoing surgery, a mistake left her vocal cord paralyzed and she was told she would never speak again. However, Frenita never lost faith and she began a passionate search for answers that led her to the network marketing industry. It was here that she learned about using natural products, eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After three long years, Frenita miraculously regained her voice and, not only has she been a network marketing top earner for many years, but she now uses her voice to empower women entrepreneurs with her inspirational story and success. Frenita is a tremendous asset to the Entrepreneurs International team of professional Trainers and she has an incredible gift of connecting with people. Her passion for helping others is contagious; so whenever you have the chance to hear her speak or to work with her, make sure to take full advantage of it!

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