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MIke Miller

Mike Miller was born in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies, where he spent his first two years of college pursuing a degree in Zoology, and then later switching to Accounting and Business Administration. After graduating and possessing a strong entrepreneurial drive and aptitude, he began buying and selling cars, which led to the start of a car rental and tour company. With hard work and Mike’s humble, jovial and personable interaction with staff and customers, the company blossomed into one of the most successful on the Island. However, in 1988 after suffering extreme losses due to a major hurricane in Jamaica and a decline in the economy, Mike migrated to the United States with his family for a fresh start. He truly believed, “Where there is a will, winners find a way”. For over a decade, he worked for a large Wall Street company and then worked for a local HUD agency that provided home ownership counseling and federal grants. Things were finally looking up again as he invested in several rental properties, only to be dealt another devastating blow when the real estate market collapsed, leaving him in financial distress. But Mike’s persistence and entrepreneurial attitude picked him right back up, leading him back to the network marketing industry; except this time, as fate would have it, Mike began attending the Secrets of Success trainings and all of the other highly advanced trainings. It wasn’t long before he and his wife Lorna were E-Pass Holders and top producers. Under the mentorship of Gregg Amerman, Mike proved to be a very talented Trainer, as well as being one of the most passionate and heartfelt individuals you will ever meet. Mike remains eternally grateful for Mr. Amerman’s leadership, and because of his genuine love for people and the strong desire to see them succeed, he is extremely excited to be part of the Entrepreneurs International training team of professionals and to give back to the training system that has given so much to him.

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