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Orlando McKenzie

Born in Colon, Republic of Panama, in Central America, Orlando’s parents wanted to give him the best chance for success, so they moved to the United States. Since his arrival in Brooklyn, NY, he was told, “You were not brought to the U.S. to be average. If you outwork everyone else, you’ll out-earn everyone else”. With that in mind, he decided to pursue a career in the banking industry. Reality fell short of expectations when he realized the “real world” wasn’t just about work, but also the corporate politics that come along with it. He witnessed very talented people being fired or positions outsourced because they no longer “fit in” with the corporate culture and direction. It was far from the notion that if you work hard and commit to a company, they will do the same for you. Orlando noted that real entrepreneurs were the people who stepped out (often on faith) to launch their companies, like those he then worked for. He wanted to develop something that had longevity; an enterprise he could build upon year after year, instead of starting over every January 1st. After the collapse of the financial markets in 2007, Orlando went in search of a business that could make his dreams of success a reality, while genuinely helping people. Eventually he was led to the network marketing industry and an introduction to Gregg Amerman. After some time to do his due diligence, he became a student of the training system and attended every Secrets of Success Training and advanced training available. That commitment led to him achieving the highest levels of success. Now a Trainer with Entrepreneurs International, Orlando has the ability to captivate audiences with his vast experiences in both life and business, with the goal of teaching and inspiring those who want to become successful Entrepreneurs. Orlando and his wife Debbie, now married almost 20 years, live in Long Island, NY with their 2 sons, Zachary and Joshua.

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